• Episode 4 - The Analog Fetish
    “Old Town Road” To compress or not compress while tracking The Fetishization of Analog What’s to be missed about the days of Analog Being excited about today’s technology Digital Levels, driving Analog Hard Soft Clipping and Saturation The pace of DAW vs Tape Dealing with noise and using noise creatively… Read more »
  • Episode 3 - What they taught you in school about compression is WRONG! 🙂
    NEW LINEUP! Paul Falcone, Greg Thompson, Tim McGrath and Dasan Broadnax discuss: Why compression is taught in audio school ALL WRONG! Live sound for Opera, Legit Classical Recording, Recording Acoustic Piano, Importance of New (or old) Guitar Strings, Using Gain, Nominal Level, Using Gates, High Pass / Low Pass Filters,… Read more »
  • Episode 2: Go-To Plugins: Part 1
    Paul J. Falcone, Greg Thompson, Dasan Broadnax, Rick Slater and Tim McGrath discuss "go-to" plugins and much more. Read more »
  • The Pro-Fools Podcast Episode 1
    From treating your home studio acoustics, monitoring and choosing speakers, working in headphones, vocal production techniques, rehearsal and pre-production, indie artist vs. label / team relationships, how to prepare for recording, microphone choices, pro-studio vs. home studio and SO MUCH MORE! Read more »
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